A photographer is only as complete as his studio, so you’ll find James’ to be equipped with state-of-the-art gear, lighting, props and capture systems. With a roomy 3,000 square feet space replete with a fully functioning kitchen (a must-have for any food and beverage shoot), expect confidence in every shoot. Oh, and regular clients agree he’s got the best coffee this side of Yarraville Village! This space, originally a blacksmiths was owned by Doherty’s Bakery in the early 1900s.


A craft honed and perfected since 1992, James has shot for just about every food manufacturer in Australia as well as brands in the industrial and corporate space. It’s been said that anything that can be eaten, sipped, sown of flown, chances are James has already captured it on his canvas. From styles to smiles, James’ range of expertise is only limited by your imagination. Industries covered include FMCG, hospitality, editorial, corporate across advertising, design, architecture and communications.

My thoughts

“You are only as good as your last piece of work” is an adage that underlines every single image that is created from the studio, so expect every shoot to be unique. As a craftsman, James’ learning never stopped since early education fascination with an unwavering enthusiasm right through his youth; be it about new technologies or simply, new clients and their amazing products. Collaboration, imagination and execution – this perfect combination always promises that nothing that emerges from Blackwood Studios is ever ordinary.


Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but nothing seizes it and preserves it for eternity the way light, skill and art come together in a magical dance of colour, order and design. If every picture tells a story, let yours be suspenseful, fun, passionate or love-filled – and begin your first chapter at Blackwood Studios.